Sunday 19th January - Tuesday 21st January 2020

National Exhibition Center (NEC), Birmingham


BETA International provides the perfect way to supercharge your year. We welcome buyers from across the UK and overseas who are looking for exciting new products, ideas and inspiration.

We have kept rather quiet about the launch of lots of new products, and partnerships in 2019 so we are excited to return to BETA 2020 after 7 years to share our news. We can’t wait to showcase our complete range of grooming and show prep products and share what we are doing with all our trade partners. 2020 is dedicated to working with the trade.

Love it or loathe it, social media has been the place for us to get exposure worldwide for the Smart Grooming brand.  With growing interest in turnout and grooming for all disciplines, and getting the right look, our tips, photos and video clips have propelled our products across the world.  Now we have got the ball rolling, we are inviting retailers to come visit us at BETA (Stand E4.2) and link up to learn what we have that really works and how to benefit by stocking our range.

We have been around for a while.  Exhibiting at BETA initially in 2006 when Smart Grooming was established and showcasing the revolutionary Smart Tails, humane tail and mane thinner. This was the spring-board for the launch of our full range of equestrian grooming and show prep products, designed for both every day and show day use.  We now have an uncomplicated range for everyone’s choice and are keen to ensure products contain ingredients that give maximum results.

Getting feedback is essential for the growth of our brand and products.  We were one of the first companies to run a Brand Ambassador Scheme which has given us a wide range of equestrians to work with from grass roots, serious amateur to professional riders and producers. Their feedback is invaluable in getting our product selection fine-tuned.  It is very much a partnership, we support and educate all levels which we absolutely love doing, and in return we get feedback and ideas from the stable yard and competition arena.  Our Ambassadors bring so much enthusiasm and energy and are our inspiration in keeping the brand fresh and current.  Roll on 2020 and look forward to seeing you at BETA shortly. 

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