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Whilst a set of perfect plaits or a beautifully cut showing jacket won’t win rosettes, turning out your horse and yourself to the highest standard is an important part of creating the right picture. Attention to detail at any level of competition is paramount, whether it’s a neatly shaped tail at just the right length or a set of quarter marks that compliments your horse’s quarters perfectly.

Here you will find tips and tricks in the art of turnout, with excerpts written by top showing producer, Katie Jerram-Hunnable.

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Turnout Tips

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Preparing for a show
Applying Make Up
Colour and Enhancing


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Whitening Wizardry
Recipe for a White Tail
Polar White Stain Remover

Horse Care & Grooming

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Why you need a Super Groomer
The job of an Equi Shave
Coat care after clipping

Clipping, Trimming & Shedding

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All About Scissors
Shedding Time

Mane & Tail Tidying

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Show Ring Tails
To Pull or not to Pull Manes & Tails?
Tidying - Tails

Plaiting & Quarter Marking

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How to achieve perfect Quarter Marks
Quarter Marks
Perfect Plaits - how to get started

Brand Ambassadors & Sponsored Riders

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Latest News

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Royal Windsor Round Up
Your Horse Live 2019 Round Up