Plaiting Needles & Quick Unpick Kit

Plaiting Needles & Quick Unpick Kit

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Smart Grooming Pack of 9 Plaiting Needles and a Quick Unpick, supplied together in a heat sealed pouch.

Smart Grooming Assorted Plaiting Needles

Set of nine blunt ended, large eye, plaiting needles in 3 sizes (52mm, 60mm, 70mm) to suit all manes. Supplied with a neat little clear plastic tube container.

These plaiting needles are easy and safe to use and make threading up quick and easy, particularly when using the Smart Grooming Flat Waxed Thread.

Smart Grooming Quick Unpick

The Quick Unpick by Smart Grooming makes ease of un-plaiting. The long handle makes the job comfortable while ensuring the mane doesn't get cut whilst removing plaits. It is supplied with a clear plastic to ensure it is safe to store.

The Smart Grooming Quick Unpick is a neat little grooming accessory to keep in your plaiting kit.