Pro Groom Ambassadors 2021

Are you a professional full-time groom? Are you passionate about grooming and turnout? Would you like to represent a worldwide brand?

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who are employed or self-employed on a full-time basis as a groom. You must be passionate about all things grooming and turnout as well as have the time and motivation to create meaningful content for our social media channels.

1.       Include your social media account names

2.       What country you are currently working in

3. What area of equestrianism are you currently working in and are you employed or self-employed?

4.       Highlight any past social content that you have created that you feel might show us how you could represent us.  For example, this could be a tried and tested review, a video on a product that you have been pleased with, or feedback on a competition day.

5.       If you are already familiar with our brand and have used our products, please let us know what products you are using and how you found us.

6.       We like interaction with our ambassadors – are you good at keeping in touch and well organised? We don’t mean just tagging us in what you are doing but providing well thought out content.

7. Be realistic. Do you have time in your day or week to be able to give an hour of so of time to us?

8.       Do you have your own ideas on promotion?  We are always looking for a fresh approach, you may have the idea that could really work for a brand like ours!

9.       Do you have a You Tube Channel and are you comfortable with making short videos, confident to give practical advice and be able to demo our products if asked?

10.   Most importantly, why do you want to be a Pro Groom Ambassador for Smart Grooming?

If apply by direct email, this can include relevant photos and short video clips. These need to be sent by We Transfer ( or attach a zipped file and send by email to

Due to the nature of this contract, we will not be able to accept any one under the age of 18

 Closing date is at MIDNIGHT 31st JANUARY 2021

Pro Groom Ambassadors 2021

Lauren Roberts

Bucks based Lauren has been working as an International groom for many 5* riders over the last couple of years. She has now relocated back to the family yard where she works freelancing in the showing, show jumping, eventing and dressage world.


Amelia Sanderson

Professional groom, Amelia trained at the Talland School of Equestrian and now runs her own business, Prestige Equine in Northumberland. Her services include clipping, show preparation, schooling and competing. Amelia also won Horse & Hounds Groom of the Year Award in 2020.


Becca Nicholson

Based in Wiltshire, Becca is a professional groom and Head Girl to Brazillian Event Rider, Marcio Jorge. She travels globally preparing the team of Olympic hopefuls.


Jenny George

Jenny is a professional groom in Cornwall providing clipping, show preparation and yard services. She has worked with horses for over 15 years and grooms in all of the equestrian disciplines