How do I bath my horse with shampoo?

How do I bath my horse with shampoo?

Bathing horses can be a daily, weekly or even more irregular occurrence depending on facilities, type of daily exercise, and climate.

We suggest using warm water if possible, this does make bathing more relaxing for the horse and enables tired muscles to relax.  A cold shower can be refreshing on a hot day but not so relaxing on a cold day and can cause muscles to tense up rather than relax.

Its easier to use a shower/hose pipe with spray attachment as this will make the process quicker and easier than using a bucket and sponge, but either way is suitable.

Ensure you use a good quality shampoo, some are designed to be diluted, and this is the most economical way to use it.  For stubborn stains or grimy areas, using neat shampoo directly onto a mitt such as a Super Groomer is the most effective way of massaging thoroughly into the hair and skin in order to remove the soiled marks.

Start with the mane and tail and apply shampoo, massaging in well before rinsing off. If the mane or tail is heavily soiled, leave the shampoo to sit into the hair, whilst washing the rest of the body.  Once ready to rinse, wash off thoroughly with clean warm water and spray in a detangling spray before brushing out carefully.

For the larger areas over the body, wet the coat thoroughly either with a sponge in a bucket of warm water, or from a warm shower.

Apply a good quality horse shampoo such as Lavender Shampoo or if you are looking for colour enhancement, try Black Magic for black or dark coats, or Strawberry Shampoo for bringing out the chestnut and red hues of colour from bays, browns and chestnuts.

Once the shampoo has been massaged into all areas of the coat, rinse off, again massaging in is a helpful and soothing way to remove the shampoo as well as ensuring circulation bringing blood to the surface which in turn helps with the condition and suppleness of the muscles, skin and hair.

Apply a coat conditioning spray such as Coat Sheen to the coat once the hair starts to dry and polish off with a soft mitt for a final satisfying shiny finish.

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