Quick easy steps on how to use Smart Grooming's Leg and Body Whitening Powder

Quick easy steps on how to use Smart Grooming's Leg and Body Whitening Powder

How to use Smart Grooming’s Leg and Body whitener to best effect.

Smart Grooming’s Leg and Body whitener comes in a 1kg tub.  There are several ways that this whitening powder can be used, but we have always found the following way the quickest and simplest for absolutely stunningly white legs and body areas.

1.        Open the tub and use a small sponge (the kitchen type are a perfect size).

2.       If you are whitening socks or leg areas.  Shampoo and rinse off the area that you want to whiten and then dab the sponge into the powder and apply directly to the leg or area that you are whitening.

3.       It’s a bit like painting, so keep dipping sponge into the pot and applying. As the area is already wet the powder just paints on really easily.

4.       Don’t be tempted to apply too thickly, it’s not necessary and only makes it harder to brush off when dry.

5.       When you have painted white all the areas that you want whitening, allow to dry completely before brushing off with a clean, dry grooming brush.

6.       If you are just doing legs, you can then apply a covering to the legs by means of Gamgee or similar and stable bandages on top.

7.       If bandaging, remove when you are ready and lightly brush over removing any excess powder. 

That’s it! Absolute whiteness in minutes!  You will definitely stand out from the crowd!

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