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Horse Care Tips from the Experts

Horse Care Tips From the Experts

How to Clean your horse using the Hot Cloth Technique
Hot clothing is a simple yet effective method that requires only a small amount of hot water, making it suitable for year-round use.
How to Prepare Your Horse for a Photo Shoot or Sale
How to present a horse for sale, or make it look captivating for a photo shoot is not only rewarding but will enhance the best features.  
How to wash a mane and tail
Keeping manes and tails washed and conditioned on a weekly basis will help to minimise hair loss, particularly when looking after long and full manes and tails.  Brushing out will become effortless rather than becoming a mammoth job! How to...
How to keep a Mane and Tail Tidy and Tangle Free
Its lovely seeing a beautiful flowing mane and tail, or a neatly tidied one ready for plaiting and braiding, but it does come down to regular maintenance and ensuring the hair is kept in good condition on an all-year-round basis,...
What products do I need for bathing my horse?
For a regular bathing routine, we suggest: A good quality horse shampoo Sponge or wash mitt Bucket Sweat scraper Dry off towel Conditioning body spray Detangling spray for manes and tails It’s best to keep all the washing items in...
Grooming and Turnout for Event Horses
Super smart presentation is key for making a good first impression at any level, whether coming down the centre line, leaving the start box, or preparing for the show jump phase. By presenting yourself and your horse to best advantage,...
How do I bath my horse with shampoo?
Bathing horses can be a daily, weekly or even more irregular occurrence depending on facilities, type of daily exercise, and climate. We suggest using warm water if possible, this does make bathing more relaxing for the horse and enables tired...
How to clean and care for tack
How to clean and care for tack and all items of saddlery Cleaning saddles and bridles, or tack as it is known collectively can be satisfying, or a chore, depending on the condition of it and whether it is cleaned...
Coat care after clipping
It goes without saying that a healthy shine comes from within.  Good feeding, exercise and a daily grooming routine are all key factors in contributing and encouraging good shine and condition to a coat all year round. However, there are...
It really helps to have a variety of rugs available so that you can keep your horse comfortable whatever the weather.
Getting the Shine - Grooming
Some people believe that grooming is a waste of time and that the only to get a good coat is through correct feeding. Whilst I agree that what you put inside is vital, what you do on the outside also makes a huge difference
Getting the Shine - Feeding
A clean and healthy coat, mane and tail are essential. Achieving this depends on what you put inside and on what you do to the outside, so make sure your horse has a balanced diet and don’t skimp on the grooming.
It's All About The Feet
Hoof care is one of the most important aspects of a daily grooming routine, as the age old saying goes “No foot, no horse”.
It's All About The Coat

From a practical point of view, grooming removes dirt and debris from the skin, another benefit is that it allows you to spot any little lumps, bumps or scratches or to feel any areas of heat that may indicate a problem arising. 

Grooming For Good Health

Grooming your horse can be one of the most satisfying parts of horse ownership. This daily routine is not only an essential part of bonding but also a good opportunity to check for minor injuries or irritations.

7 Top Tips for Spring Grooming
Here are some time saving ideas for both the clipped and unclipped horses to keep them looking and feeling tip top during the Spring shedding season!
12 Tips for Winter Grooming
There is always so much more work to do in the winter when looking after horses, whether they are clipped or unclipped, living indoors or outdoors.  If its not mud to deal with its going to be hair.  Hair when clipping and hair when grooming.
Grooming for pets and horses
Regular grooming is an important part of the overall looking after of all hairy animals and as well as helping with the removal of dead hair, it also promotes coat condition and general overall health and wellbeing.