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Coat Care at Clipping time

It’s getting to the winter woolly time of year for our horses and ponies.  If they can keep their natural coats for the duration of the winter, then clippers won’t be needed.  However, those that are kept fit and in work during the winter months will almost certainly be clipped several times during the winter season.

To make clipping as easy as possible for both owner and animal, here are a few points to help you on your way:

1.      Check your clippers and trimmers in good time prior to needing to clip.  Turn them on and check that they are running smoothly.

2.     Have a look at the blades, and if you are unsure if you put them away without being sharpened then send them in so that they are sharp and ready to go.

3.     Refresh your clipping knowledge with a quick read through of instructions regarding correct tension and type of blade to use.  Selecting the right grade of blade for the coat and finish that you require, will ensure the end look is smooth and line free.  Ensuring the right tension is applied to the blades is also important, both with getting a good finish but also to make sure the blades don’t get too hot.

4.     Check that you have plenty of clipper oil to hand, we cannot stress enough, just how important it is to oil blades every 5 to 10 minutes during use.  This not only keeps the blades running correctly, which in turn generates less heat, but also can keep the blades sharper for longer.  It might be useful to consider clipping oil which has a bactericide added to prevent cross infection if the same blades are being used on different horses.

5.     Lastly, preparing the horse with a good groom or body wash before clipping will really help give a great finish.  If the coat is greasy the blades will struggle to get through the extra grease as well as the hair, and in doing so will leave lines where the teeth have worked hard to get through.

6.     A quick spray over with Gloss n Go prior to clipping helps blades glide through a thick, dry coat and will make clipping so much easier.

7.     A good wash after will really help to take the clipper oil residue and remaining grease out of the coat.  Lavender Splosh Wash is a refreshing and relaxing wash which will lift any oil or grease effectively as well as leaving the coat super soft.  Alternatively, hot clothing with hot water and a dash of Super Shine lotion is great for a super shiny after clip finish.

Featured products:  Gloss n Go (Pre-clip spray)Lavender Splosh wash for before and after clip wash.  Super Shine Lotion – as a hot wash for a super shiny finish.  Clippersharp Bactericide Clipper oil – particularly good for sensitive skinned horses.

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