Mane, Tail & Coat Products for Horses

Mane, Tail & Coat Products for Horses

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    A collection of products to keep your horse's mane, tail and coat in tip top condition. From mane  and tail de-tanglers to oil-free finishing sprays for the shiniest coats on the yard, choose from our range for that extra shine.

    Best Mane and Tail de-tanglers for Horses

    It's important to keep manes and tails clean and tangle free to promote healthy growth and prevent snagging and breakage in fields and stables. For every day use we swear by Tame the Mane - this is a must-have product for taming manes and tails on a daily basis. For ultra tangled and thick manes and tails, we recommend our Xtreme Detangler - perfect for native breeds who have thick and unruly hair! Read our blog on Mane and Tail Maintenance for Horses for more guidance.

    Best Coat Sprays for Shiny Horses

    For that extra shine, our finishing sprays for coats are a great way of enhancing your horse's natural coat. We love to use our Coat Sprays after grooming the coat with a brush, this is the final step! Read our blog on Getting the Shine by Show Rider Katie Jerram-Hunnable.

    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle