Horse Shampoos & Washes

Horse Shampoos & Washes

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    Formulated for horses, our luxurious shampoos and washes are made to deep clean any colour or breed for a horse spa experience.

    What is Horse Shampoo?

    Horse shampoo is designed to clean and condition horse coats for a shiny finish. Our range of horse shampoos has been formulated to enhance and clean different coats on all breeds of horses. Horse shampoo cleans grease and dirt from the coat for a shiny and smooth finish - great for competitions or every day care.

    How much shampoo do I need to wash my horse?

    Massage one pump of shampoo directly onto a wet coat and lather in with your hands or use our Super Groomer to lather up the suds and help remove stubborn grease. A little goes a long way, but use according to how much your horse needs. You can also dilute a few pumps of horse shampoo into a bucket of warm water. Mix in well and use as a body wash or for dunking tails into. Make sure you rinse and dry your horse off thoroughly after using shampoo.

    What are the advantages of Smart Grooming shampoos and washes?

    Our shampoos and washes are amazing to use on all sorts of coats, colours and breeds. Our Black Magic shampoo enhances black coats as well as cleaning, and our Strawberry shampoo is specifically formulated for bay, chestnut and roan coats. If you have a grey horse, you might want to try our Deep Purple shampoo for neutralising and removing stubborn stable stains from coats, manes and tails. 

    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle