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    Our round up of our absolute essentials grooming products for horses. It’s the little things that matter! Here is a selection of products that we would not be without, they make daily grooming a pleasure and competition prep really easy to achieve.

    Which is the most versatile horse grooming product?

    We couldn't do without our Super Groomer - this simple tool made from recycled plastic can be used for removing dried mud and sweat and it's also great for massaging shampoo into horses when they are being washed. It is also very gentle on sensitive areas like faces. You can even use it on clothes to remove pet hair - such a versatile and handy product! 

    Which horse grooming products are the best for everyday grooming?

    For everyday all round turnout, we would choose our Everyday Essentials Kit which does what is says, and includes all the essentials! Hoof Shine for healthy and shiny hooves, a Super Groomer for grooming off mud and muck Xtreme Detangler for smooth and silky manes and tails, and Coat Sheen for the final coat finish.

    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle