The hindquarters of a well groomed black horse showing perfect quartermarks brushed in

Quarter Marking

Quarter Marking For Your Horse

How to Quarter Mark a Hunter, Riding Horse, Cob or Competition Horse
Quarter Markings for Hunters, Hunter ponies, Riding Horses, Show Cobs, and competition horses are plainer and bolder than for the show ponies and hacks.  Two or three plain downward stripes on the quarters followed by Sharks Teeth will suffice, the...
How to Quarter Mark a Show Pony or Hack
For these classes, the checkerboard (small squares) starting wide at the top and finishing in a point at the bottom (looks like an upside-down pyramid) is the correct quarter mark to use.  Finishing off with Sharks teeth stripes going down the...
What you need for perfect Quarter Marks
Quarter marking horses is the way that marks are brushed or combed into the horse’s coat.  They are generally used as final finishing touches to present a horse or pony to perfection in the show or competition arena.  To create...
How to achieve perfect Quarter Marks
Marking up for Show hunters and hunter ponies is simpler than for show hacks, and show ponies.  You want to create a bolder but plainer look which will enhance the quarters, whereas hacks or show ponies require more elegant and intricate designs.
Quarter Marks
Quarter marks are patterns which draw the eye to a good set of hind quarters. They are often seen on hacks, show ponies, riding horses and sometimes hunters, show hunter ponies and cobs. They are never used on mountain and moorland ponies, traditional cobs and native coloureds.