A person plaiting a horse's mane ready for a show or competition

Plaiting & Braiding

How to Plait and Braid Your Horse

Love to plait your horse?
A new generation of plaiting and braiding aprons has arrived to give choice as well as provide a perfect solution for storing all the plaiting and braiding accessories. If you love plaiting and braiding your horse, then look no further! ...
What products do I need to help with plaiting my horse’s mane?
There are a few products in the plaiting and braiding range that will be useful to make plaiting and braiding enjoyable and rewarding. There are also several ways to plait or braid your horse.  The most usual methods to keep...
The history behind Plaiting and Braiding
Plaiting or braiding our horses’ dates back many centuries and was a practical method for keeping the long mane hair in a neat plait so that it didn’t get caught up in harness and saddlery.  It was also used by...
How to plait with thread
Katie walks us step-by-step through the process she follows when plaiting her horses up for the show ring… First, get everything ready and in place: it’s annoying to reach the end of a plait and realise your threaded needle is...
What you need in your plaiting kit
Whether you prefer to plait your horse’s mane using a needle and thread or use rubber bands for convenience, you need a lot more than that in your plaiting kit to make the process quick and easy. Here are our...
How to create perfect plaits and braids
Knowing how to plait a horse’s mane to make the animal appear at their best is an art. A well plaited mane can enhance as well as disguise conformational issues. Sitting plaits on top of the neck can improve a weak top line.
Perfect Plaits - how to get started
There are so many ways to plait a mane and tail, but to get the best results, practice and more practice is the only way to a really neat, uniform finish. Products designed specifically for plaiting and braiding will help achieve the desired look, but it still comes down to preparation and practice
Plaiting Wax – the easy way to achieve perfect plaits!
Smart Grooming loves bringing out products to make your life easier.  Plaiting wax is the new “must have” product to keep handy for show plaits or everyday tidiness.