All About Scissors

The Smart Grooming’s Scissor range caters for all the equestrian’s trimming and tidying needs and is essential in the everyday grooming kit.

Scissor tidying is a quick and easy way to keep excess hair under control, leaving a neat and tidy finish.  With eleven types of scissors to choose from, this gives a choice of scissor blade and type to cope with all finishes required.

The safety range of scissors ensure that cutting around fiddly and delicate areas can be carried out in complete safety even when fidgety.  With the rounded ends there is no chance of injury.

Thinning scissors are a good choice when thinning out manes or giving a more natural feathered look to a finish and are available as single or double legged versions depending on how much thinning is required.  Double leg will get more of the weight out of a heavy mane.

Pointed scissors, are designed for accurate trimming, a straight finish, and for cutting thread and other material as needed.

Fetlock scissors are, as the name suggests, ideal for trimming up the heavier hair in heels and on the lower leg area.  They have a flatter, curved blade and are heavy duty.

All are made from a high-grade stainless steel with a satin finish to prolong their useful life.



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