How to use the Smart Grooming Super Groomer

How to use the Smart Grooming Super Groomer

The Smart Grooming Super Groomer is a great choice to have for everyday horse grooming and in your grooming kit. It’s made using recycled polypropylene, and designed for effective and gentle grooming.

The Super Groomer can be used for washing and bathing the horse or for removing dried mud, dirt, and dander.

How to use:

  1. For Muddy Monsters

For best results, use in a circular motion on dried and caked mud on all body areas, legs and around the head, ears, and sensitive areas. The perfect solution for head shy or sensitive skins.  It works in a soft way, with no bristles to irritate, it massages and soothes, removing excess mud and hair.

  1. For Shampoo and Wash Days

The Super Groomer can be used instead of a grooming brush or wash sponge.  Apply the shampoo directly to the Super Groomer and massage in well before rinsing off.  For stubborn stains, apply Polar White Stain Remover, to the stained area, again massaging with the Super Groomer before rinsing off.

The Super Groomer Deluxe Coarse version is best for removing caked mud.  The Super Groomer Deluxe has a smooth backing and a softer feel, this is ideal for washing as it gives a more economical and targeted use of shampoo.  It is also perfect for the more sensitive skins and is accepted by horses that don’t tolerate traditional grooming brushes.

To keep the Super Groomer clean, it can be machine washed, or rinsed off under the tap.

Designed to be used in either hand, and is suitable for all hand sizes.

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