Horse Grooming

Applying Horse Make Up

Wondering how to apply makeup to your horse?

Practice makes perfect, it's always wise to make sure you are confident in the application of makeup to your horse well in advance of your first competitive outing. You may find that you have to blend colours to achieve the exact shade you need and just as with people, the golden rule for applying makeup to your horse is; "less is more". A no-shine, matte finish is best to cover scars or even out markings however adding a small amount of Super Shine will make places you want to stand out such as the muzzle, eyes, knees and hocks, shine.

eyes before- lauren.JPG



Using a clean sponge apply the makeup over the area you wish to enhance or disguise. Begin by applying a thin layer working into the horse's coat and ensuring that the colour reaches the skin and completely covers the hair follicles. You may need several applications to achieve the correct coverage.





show prep.jpg



Next, using a clean cloth, remove any excess by carefully blotting the area rather than scrubbing. This is a great way to blend makeup in for a more natural look. This is especially important when applying makeup around the eyes to avoid the panda-look.



eyes after- lauren.JPG





For an extra glossy finish, apply a thin layer of Enhancing Gloss for that show ring finish.







Wear disposable gloves! Always do a patch test and practise at home with plenty of time before a show. This way you will be able to experiment with colours, shades and techniques.

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