It's All about the Mane

It's All about the Mane

Mane Maintenance.  Making light work of manes is down to keeping them well maintained on a regular basis.  It is also down to personal preference for the overall look as well as the equestrian discipline that is being favoured.

Whether you choose to keep your horse with a natural, flowing mane, or a shorter, more managed look, regular grooming and attention will help with the day to day care.


It helps to wash and condition a mane on a regular basis, and easiest to incorporate it into a weekly routine to ensure the mane and tail hair is kept in great condition all year round.  Getting a young horse into a regular tidying and grooming programme is also the best way to ensure that the pampering session is stress free and can be enjoyed by both horse and owner.

What to do

1.       For best results use warm water.  This encourages the horse to relax and stand still whilst being washed and makes it easier for removing excess grease and scurf.  Choose a good quality horse shampoo for washing.  Damp the mane and then apply shampoo directly to the mane.  Massage in well, this encourages circulation to the area and gives the horse a relaxing experience.   If the mane is washed regularly, then only one application of shampoo is necessary.  If it is particularly dirty or stained, an extra shampoo may be needed.  Then rinse and towel dry.

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