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About us

We specialise in creating quality grooming products for horses and their riders that really work. We care about inspiring equestrians from all backgrounds to achieve tip top turnout and professional results in all disciplines.

Established in 2006 with only one product, Smart Grooming won Best Product of the Year with the Smart Tails humane tail rake at Equestrian Business of the Year Trade Show. This must-have equestrian grooming tool was the inspiration for building a brand based on products that really work.

Now with over 100 products in our range, we have listened, watched, and collaborated with equestrians at all levels to produce a comprehensive range which caters for anyone who is keen to turn out their horse with pride. Our range now encompasses everything that is needed in all areas of turnout, whether for competition, showing and most importantly for everyday use.

You may have guessed that we are passionate about grooming and turnout,
and we love to impart our knowledge to equestrians who are interested in
learning new skills and presenting their horses and ponies beautifully. We
share our top tips and tutorials on our online communities - Instagram, TikTok
and Facebook - and love to see how our products are being used all over the
world for every discipline and breed.

Follow our journey on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook for inspiration, guidance and updates.

Our Team

Our team all have an equine background, thorough product knowledge and
practical experience of grooming & turnout.

Our Team

Brand Ambassadors

We support a range of established and up-and-coming riders to help them achieve success in their chosen disciplines.

Brand Ambassadors

Sponsored Riders

Our sponsored riders are the leaders in their field. They choose Smart Grooming for when the results really matter.

Sponsored Riders

Brand Associations

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Southwoods Farm, Culmstock, Cullompton, Devon EX15 3JX

+44 1823 681076

Mon-Fri       08:30 AM - 17:00 PM

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