Quarter Marking Sprays, Brushes & Combs

Quarter Marking Sprays, Brushes & Combs

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    Perfect quarter marks for your horse. Our unrivalled collection of quarter marking brushes, combs, sprays and gels give a precise professional finish that stays in place all day.

    What are Quarter Marks?

    Quarter marks are patterns brushed into a horses’ hind quarters. Quarter marks are used in the show ring, and are often seen on hacks, show ponies, riding horses and sometimes hunters, show hunter ponies and cobs. There are different designs from small squares for show ponies and show hacks, and bold, plain hunter marks for hunters, show cobs and competition horses. Which design to choose depends on your horse’s build and confirmation, and the class chosen to compete in.

    Why Use Quarter Marks?

    Quarter marks are used to draw the judge’s eye to the powerful hind quarters of your horse. By choosing the right size and type of quarter marks, it can really enhance good hind quarters, or even distract the eye from conformation issues.

    How do I Create Quarter Marks?

    Creating quarter marks is straightforward with the right tools. Here is how you’d make hunters marks.

    1. Start with a clean, well brushed horse.
    2. Wet down the horse’s rump and spray with Quarter Marking Spray.
    3. Brush the spray in with a body brush.
    4. Use a Quarter Marking Brush vertically over the top of the rump to add in blocks, and horizontally following the line of your horses’ hind quarters to add in sharks teeth (watch how here).
    5. Finish with a final spray of Quarter Marking Spray.
    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle