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    What is the best way to clean horse tack?

    For a daily clean and wipe over, hang up the bridle and accessories from a hanging hook.  Pull out the leathers from the keepers but keep all the buckles done up.  Remove the saddle cloth and girth from the saddle and put aside.  Pull stirrups down so that the leathers can be wiped down, and stirrups wiped off.

    Using very warm water and sponge, wipe over all the leather work paying particular attention to the buckle areas, checking for wear to stitching. Soak the bit in clean water and wipe dry with a towel.  Using a matchstick or cocktail stick, clean out excess grease and soap from buckle holes.

    Wipe excess moisture from the leather work before using a dry sponge to apply the Leather Care Spray or glycerine soap to give a final finish.  Tidy the bridle by putting leather work back into keeps, thread the throat lash through the reins to keep the reins up and out of the way, and finish by doing up the noseband before hanging back up on a wall bracket in the tack room.

    For saddles and girths, wipe over all areas with a damp sponge, paying particular attention to the undersides of the saddle, and girth straps, looking for any weak stitching or damage to the leatherwork.


    Horse Tack Cleaner

    Our tack cleaning range has been meticulously trialled and tested for every day and competition use. We stock a premium leather balm called Leather Luxe which is made from a blend of beeswax and essential oils providing a tonic for dry and tired leather.
    Used on a regular basis,  leather balm  will ensure your leather is kept supple and in the best condition. 

    Our Leather Care Spray is a brilliant everyday horse tack cleaner with a trigger spray for easy application. Leaving no residue or stickiness, a quick spray over will give saddlery and all leather work a beautiful shine as well as ensuring it keeps the leather soft and supple.

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