Humane Mane & Tail Rakes for Horses

Humane Mane & Tail Rakes for Horses

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    The Smart Tails and Smart Manes Rakes are the original and the best humane horse hair thinning rakes that you will find. The easiest and kindest way to thin and tidy unruly types of manes and tails.

    What are Tail Rakes? 

    The Smart Grooming Smart Tails Tail Rakes are humane tail thinners for horses. By running the rake down the sides of the tail, you will achieve a 'pulled tail' effect, but without causing any discomfort to your horse. There are blades on the insides of the rake, which means that the hair is cut at intervals and not pulled out by the root. The blades are on the inside of the comb, which means it is safe for you and your horse.

    How do I use a Tail Rake? 

    Use evenly down the sides of the tail starting at the top and working down, blend into a tapered look towards the end of the dock.  If you are not sure of the finish you would like, do a bit each day and then damp down and tail bandage for an hour or so.  Check and then do a bit more until you get the finish you require.  If you want a more natural finish and just looking tidy, choose a coarse or a medium grade.  For a closer finish choose fine, although a medium may be needed to start with if the tail is very thick. If you want to know more, read our blog on how to achieve a pulled tail naturally.

    What are Mane Rakes?

    The Smart Grooming Smart Manes Mane Rakes are a humane and easy way of thinning your horse's mane. Great for sensitive and young horses. The blades on the inside of the rake gently thin as you pull through the mane.

    How do I use a Mane Rake? 

    Brush through the mane first and put on the “wrong side”.  Comb through with a Smart Manes starting at the top, one stroke at a time working down. Brush back on to correct side.  If you want a level finish we recommend finishing with our Pro Levelling knife. If you want to learn more about tidying manes, read our blog on tidying a horse's mane.

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