Show Ring Tails

Show Ring Tails

Certain types of show and competition classes require different turnout styles to conform to the look and requirements of the class.

Tidying and shaping of tails is most often seen in show and event circles.  Traditionally this was an acceptable way of showing off the conformation and shape of the hind quarters, and a pulled tail was created to get the tidy look.

As the word suggests, the hair was pulled or plucked out to create shape and definition.  This was not the most pleasant experience for the horse, causing distress and anxiety as well as pain, as well as putting the groom in a dangerous situation being immediately behind the hind legs.

We now do have other humane and safer ways of recreating this look without causing any discomfort and can be easily learnt and applied by both novice and professional.


Smart Tails – these tail rakes are the best to use on most tails, to reduce to a pulled look in minutes.  There are various grades of rakes to choose from depending on the thickness and finish required; from tidying a tail minimally to remain looking natural but removing excess bulk which is ideal during hot periods and helps with hygiene and keeping the horse cool, to giving a total makeover giving a smooth, close finish for complete definition and neatness.




Equi-shave Razor – a simple but effective tidying addition to use at the sides of the tail to keep the wispy bits at bay as well as ensuring the tail lies neat and flat at the sides.  This will give a close finish.




Thinning scissors – a useful way of layering and blending the sides in to complete the overall appearance.  These need to be used with care to ensure the tail looks neat but not choppy leaving a natural layered finish.

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