Plaiting Wax – the easy way to achieve perfect plaits!

Plaiting Wax – the easy way to achieve perfect plaits!

Smart Grooming loves bringing out products to make your life easier.  Plaiting wax is the new “must have” product to keep handy for show plaits or everyday tidiness.

Plaiting wax is a push up tubed wax stick containing beeswax and Vitamin E.  Applied lightly in downward strokes to the mane before dividing and plaiting, this will ensure any wispy or fly away hair is firmly locked in place to give defined plaits.

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It has a light waxy texture, which will disappear into the hair but still give texture and firmness.  Use sparingly, a little will go a long way!

It’s so easy to use and being such a neat pocket size, fits handily into a pocket or grooming apron.  Handy to keep out for show days or have as part of everyday grooming to tame mischievous stray hairs.

Smart Grooming, ambassador, Imogen Carter recently product tested it for us, here’s what she had to say:

“As a professional groom, I do a lot of plaiting so look for products that help all types of manes and tails as some are trickier than others to get the perfect results with. Smart Grooming sent me this product to trial before its launch this Spring. I have to say I just love the Plait Wax. Less is more, in my opinion. A few strokes on each bunch was just plenty. The initial spray with Smart Grooming’s Perfect Plaits sets the mane, and the Plaiting Wax contained all the hairs. My horse has wispy hair which can be hard to plait and keep looking tidy all day long, but this product really helps me out.

It’s so easy to use, fits nicely in your pocket & leaves no extra residue, and even helped to keep the flies away.  I have used a similar wax grooming product, but this consistency was smoother and lighter and was easier to use without leaving any waxy bits.  I highly recommend it if you are wishing to achieve a really perfect finish or want extra help with difficult manes.”

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