What you need in your plaiting kit

What you need in your plaiting kit

Whether you prefer to plait your horse’s mane using a needle and thread or use rubber bands for convenience, you need a lot more than that in your plaiting kit to make the process quick and easy. Here are our recommended items for every plaiting kit:

You can, of course, also buy a complete plaiting kit.


You will also need:

  • A sturdy stool of a suitable height to stand on so you can work comfortably on the mane
  • A mane comb to brush the mane through and divide it into sections
  • A soft brush or sponge to apply water to the mane as needed
  • plaiting gel, spray or wax to help keep the hair tidy and secure
  • A clip to keep any loose hair out of the way as you work
  • unpicker to remove thread from plaits afterwards

We recommend keeping your plaiting kit together in either a suitable clean plastic tub with a lid, or even better having a plaiting apron or similar you could wear around your waist, ensuring everything is kept clean, tidy and is easy to find when needed.

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