Tips to get the professional show ring finish we all dream of!

Tips to get the professional show ring finish we all dream of!

These are the questions we are often asked:

How do we achieve the show ring finish that the professional producers create so easily using Smart Grooming products? 

Which grooming products should we choose? and in what order should we use them?

Our step by step guide below will help you get the super shiny results and with a bit of practice, will give you the professional edge.  The products are for the final finish. Good feeding, management and grooming are also required to ensure the horse is kept in the best condition, ensuring healthy coat, and skin.  Good trimming and tidying will also ensure easier plaiting and turnout on a show day.

  • Bath a day or so before your competition, if you are able, alternatively if the horse is kept predominately stabled, with a regular daily grooming programme, a bath may not be necessary.

On the day

  1.  First give your horse a good body brush and massage to get the blood circulation going.

  2. Then spray Smart Grooming Coat Sheen from the top of the neck downwards.  We find it easier to spray a small area. Then use a soft fleece mitt to polish and buff and then spray again, working your way down each side of the horse until all body areas are done.  A soft goat hair brush is also suitable. This finish will give you a super shiny result, perfect for general competition.

  3. If requiring a show ring finish, after applying Coat Sheen all over as above, move on to the Smart Grooming Super Shine lotion. Pour a small amount into a bucket with an inch of hot water in the bottom. Get a cloth, dunk in and squeeze out then liberally apply from face downwards in circles.

  4. Allow to dry and brush lightly over with a soft goat hair brush. This will give the whole of the body extra gleam and shine.

  5. For natural manes and tails – use Tame the Mane and for final shine, squeeze Super Shine onto hands and work through tails and manes before brushing through for a final finish.

  6. For plaited classes apply Perfect Plaits to manes before and after plaiting. This has a setting lotion and citronella in to help with flies in summer.  For a top up shine use Gloss n Go spray to give extra shine on plaits and to high light the darker points as needed.

  7. For marking up and applying quarter marks/shark’s teeth/squares. Use the hot cloth method with Super Shine but make sure the quarters are very damp. Apply a good spray over of Quarter Marking Spray and apply marks as needed. Use a finely spaced comb to get good hunter marks, a good stiff, densely packed body brush to get crisp shark’s teeth and our new combs with varying width sizes to give the correct size squares for hacks, show ponies and riding horses.  Spray over again and allow a couple of minutes to dry.  Rug up as needed. The spray will keep the markings perfect all day even with rugs on and off. 

  8. Apply make up around the muzzle and to cover any scars or to blend in leg colour.

  9. Enhancing gloss is the top up to use to give final shine over make up and around eyes and muzzle, this can be used on its own for a more natural finish and colour or on top of already applied make up colour.

  10. Apply hoof paint, or oil as required.

Done!  Our products do not attract dust and leave no residue.  When you run your hand over the coat when it's dry, you will not get any oil on them.  If a judge does happen to touch your horse, there will be no trace of oil on their hands once dry.

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