What you need for perfect Quarter Marks

What you need for perfect Quarter Marks

Quarter marking horses is the way that marks are brushed or combed into the horse’s coat.  They are generally used as final finishing touches to present a horse or pony to perfection in the show or competition arena.  To create perfect quarter marks, takes lots of practice to give a sharp, and well-defined finish.  By choosing the right size and type of quarter marks can enhance and distract the eye from confirmation issues too. 

If you are showing your horse or pony in a particular class or event, it’s worth watching the professionals and other exhibitors.  They make it look easy and although lots of practice will make for a good finish, there are techniques that will help too, as well as grooming products and brushes designed to achieve the best result.

Depending on the look and class that you are going to be taking part in, the following products are total must haves for your Quarter Marking Kit:

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