Clipping Tips

Clipping & Trimming Tips and Tricks

Trimming Tips & Techniques
You don’t want to draw attention to any imperfect conformation points, or even create ones that don’t actually exist. For instance, some competitors will clip a horse’s leg so close, they look as if they have been shaved, and this can give the impression that the horse has less bone than it actually has!
Introducing Clipping
The right clippers and the right techniques make it much easier to keep your horse smart and comfortable. If you are inexperienced and have a similarly inexperienced or difficult horse, you may be better paying a professional clipper to do it for you, at least on the first occasion.
Clipping Basics
On our yard, horses which are being shown will be fully clipped except for their legs- which will be trimmed- and a small saddle patch. Some people don’t bother with a saddle patch, but I think it helps to protect the weight-bearing area of the back.
It's All About The Trimming
Trimming for definition will enhance the overall look of your horse as well as give you the satisfaction of having a beautifully turned out animal, even if it is not plaited or going in the ring.  
Clipping for a Show Horse
Clipping the show horse requires skill and timing to ensure that the coat comes through perfectly.  Traditionally, we were always taught that the last clip of the year needed to be by 31st January. 
Clipping & Trimming for Hairy Legs
Keeping legs and heels trimmed can be quick and easy on some types and less so on others, especially the hairy ones.
Clipping prior to HOYS - Tips to get a fabulous finish!
If you are lucky enough to have qualified and are competing at HOYS this year, and particularly if it’s your first time there, you may be worrying about how to keep your horse’s coat in tip top condition and from growing too long too quickly.
Coat Care at Clipping time
It’s getting to the winter woolly time of year for our horses and ponies.  If they can keep their natural coats for the duration of the winter, then clippers won’t be needed.  However, those that are kept fit and in work during the winter months will almost certainly be clipped several times during the winter season.