Shedding Tools for Horses

Shedding Tools for Horses

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    Grooming tools for hairy horses! A selection of effective shedding tools that will remove excess shedding hair quickly and easily.

    Why do horses shed?

    As daylight hours increase, horses start to shed their wooly winter coat to make way for a lighter coat for the warmer months. Usually this process starts in December and their new coat will be showing by May, although every horse is different and some may shed at a faster or slower rate than others. If you're interested in learning more about why horses shed, read our blog on What Triggers the Change in Winter to Summer Coats.

    What are shedding tools for horses?

    Shedding tools for horses are a great way of assisting your horse with their shedding. Each of our shedding products are designed to gently and effectively encourage the old coat to come out to make way for their Spring coat. We recommend using these tools as part of your every day grooming routine throughout the shedding season.

    Which Shedding tool is right for my horse?

    • Ezee Groom – available in two sizes – large (horse) small (pony/dogs). Good for all round grooming and massage as well as removing the excess hair in the Spring and Autumn.
    • Super Groomer– good for the in-between stages – this is easy to use on shorter hair and acts as a massager, as well as removing hair, grease and dander.
    • Smart Coats – top of the range shedding tool with the head made from individually curved teeth with a tiny blade under each curve. This is available in coarse or fine and works on static coats as well as shifting stubborn and thick winter coats.  It has a wide head and long wooden handle which makes grooming through quick and easy.
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