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Colour & Shine

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    A collection of non-oil based products to enhance, highlight and shine.

    How Can I Make my Horse Shiny?

    Our shine enhancing sprays and lotions from Smart Grooming will make your horse or pony shiny and glossy, perfect for the show ring, or for that extra dazzle around the yard!

    Our shine sprays and lotions enhance the natural shine of the coat without leaving any residue. Can be used for all coat types, whenever necessary.

    Whichever method you prefer, we have a high-shine product to help achieve the glossy finish you’re looking for. Either spray directly on the horse and polish with a soft mitt, or combine with hot water for hot clothing.

    We recommend our blog written by showing expert Katie Jerram-Hunnable on how to get show ring shine step-by-step.

    Horse Shine Products Safe for the Show Ring

    Our sprays and lotions include essential extracts and synthetic ingredients to ensure slide and shine, making them perfect for giving the professional show ring finish.

    They’re perfect for the show ring as they are oil free, meaning that the judge will feel no residue when they touch your horse.

    Horse Make-up for Showing

    Smart Grooming colour defining make up for horses is designed to enhance depth of colour and conceal blemishes. Use sparingly to build up or blend in colour to get the desired shade. Ideal for the around the eyes, muzzle, and legs. You may find that you have to blend colours to achieve the exact shade you need and just as with people, the golden rule for applying makeup to your horse is; "less is more". We’ve written a blog on how to apply make-up for horses, read it here.

    We also recommend Cover-Up Spray in black and white. The black spray is perfect for covering grey hairs from scars or blemishes in an otherwise black leg, and the white spray is perfect for any last minute stains on an otherwise perfectly white sock!

    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle