Borstiq Brushes

Horse Brushes for Luxurious Grooming

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    A curated range of Borstiq and Smart Grooming Horse brushes that have the feel and look of traditional horse brushes whilst providing a wide choice of bristled brushes including both natural fibre and hair to provide the ultimate horse grooming experience.

    Borstiq Horse Brushes are made from only the very best materials. Using natural fibres as widely as possible including Mex fibre and Arenga within their bristle range, as well as the softer horsehair and goat hair for finer coats and as finishing brushes.

    What are Horse Brushes?

    Horse brushes are an essential part of your horse’s grooming kit. Horse brushes come in all shapes, sizes, types, and grades of bristle, making the choice very varied. A horse brush should be used daily to groom the coat of a horse, whether its clipped, in a summer coat, or in their natural thick winter woollies.

    What is the Best Horse Brush to Buy for my Horse?

    Choosing the best horse brush, or horse brush set, will vary depending on what type of horse you have, whether its stabled, grass kept, or a combination. It will also depend on your preference to the size and type of brush and whether you prefer traditional, eco-friendly, wooden backed horse brushes with natural bristles, or the plastic, coloured options with polypropylene bristles.

    Why do we Think Borstiq Horse Brushes are the Best for Your Horse?

    The Borstiq Horse Brush range is available individually or grouped together and presented in a Horse Brush Kit format, making the Borstiq Range of brushes particularly suitable for gifting. The coarsest brush in the range is made from the natural fibre Bassine, this is a coarse bristled fibre and ideal for winter use when there is more mud about. The Mex Fibre and Bassine fibre bristles are both within the medium horse grooming range and are ideal for everyday use. The soft horsehair and goat hair brushes are perfect for finishing, sensitive areas, heads and for the summer and clipped coats as a final finish.

    Borstiq Farm, based in Sweden, have cleverly designed the shape of the brushes for both small and larger grips. The Borstiq Banana range of horse brushes have a narrower hold and are lighter, being suited for the smaller hand and wrist. The Borstiq Shaped range of brushes are contoured to accommodate a larger grip, but still comfortable for most hand sizes.

    The Borstiq range of horse grooming brushes are highly desirable and collectable and within each range there is a variation on the choice of bristles. Finished with a solid hardwood back with the oval Borstiq logo featured, they make outstanding gifts all through the year, as well as providing an exceptional grooming experience for your horse.

    Types of Horse Brushes

    Flick Brushes

    A flick brush for a horse is a very effective and useful tool for removing dust and dander. Flick brushes are very distinctive for their long bristles, much longer than a body brush. It’s these long bristles that make the brush so effective, penetrating right to the base of the coat. The long bristles encourage a flicking action which sends dried mud, dust and dander flying away from the horse. Very satisfying!

    Flick brushes come in a variety of bristle types, so select the right one for your horse, and the stage of grooming you’d like to use it for. Softer, finer bristles are suitable for thinner skinned horses with less coat.

    Dandy Brushes

    Dandy brushes are traditionally made with medium length coarse bristles for removing dried on mud from longer hair. They are perfect to use on thick winter coats to remove mud and other dirt and grease, or for brushing out feathers and muddy heels. You may be able to use these on cobs and natives all year round, but this type of brush is too coarse for clipped coats, or fine skinned horses.

    Body Brushes

    The body brush is a hardworking all-rounder. Typically, a body brush is characterised by short, densely packed bristles. It can be used all over the horse, but it’s characterised by its ability to remove grease and dander from horse hair. You’ll need to use a flick or dandy brush first to remove the majority of the mud, and then the body brush really comes into its own. Use in conjunction with a curry comb to keep the body brush clean, and you’ll get some serious shine into your horse’s coat in no time.

    Finishing Brushes

    Finishing brushes are typically made from very soft bristles. They are not designed for cleaning the coat, but rather for polishing. Used at the end of a grooming routine a finishing brush will bring out the shine of your horse’s coat, leaving them gleaming.

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