Looking to buy a new grooming kit or upgrade an existing one?

Looking to buy a new grooming kit or upgrade an existing one?


There are so many choices of Grooming kits, brushes, and accessories as well as baskets, bags, boxes, and holdalls for keeping them together.  The choice will depend on discipline, type of horse, and your own requirements.

Keeping all the grooming kit in one place is key, it ensures that everything is to hand when needed, as well as keeping them clean and safe.

The easiest and most effective solution is by using a Grooming bag, box, show basket or traditional wicker showing basket

Equestrians that compete on a regular basis, may prefer to put together a show kit specifically for this purpose.  This often will include specialist items, such as a plaiting apron and accessories, quarter marking brush and quarter marking combs as well as a mane and tail taming spray, coat sheen spray for an extra shiny coat and a hoof balm for ensuring hooves are in tip top condition.

There are always last minutes clean ups, especially when presenting a white or grey horse for an event, so a grooming kit with a stain removing spray, sponge and wipes would be an essential.

There are many types of grooming kits to choose, it also is a good way to start a collection of products, whether featuring on one Brand specifically, or choosing products from a variety of brands.

Smart Grooming has a selection of Grooming Sets and Kits that have been curated to combine a combination of products for specific requirements.

The sets and kits that we offer include a varied selection of brushes, show preparation, and trimming and tidying products, as well as dedicated sets for Quarter Marking, Plaiting and everyday care.




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