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Grooming Brushes - Choosing Quality

Grooming brushes come in so many shapes, sizes and types and are essential for keeping your horse looking great. Over the last few years we have seen the introduction of synthetic and plastic materials as well as bright colours to jazz up the grooming industry. These do look fun, but sometimes the craftsmanship and quality of the bristles is never the same as the traditionally made brushes. 

Take a look at these body brushes by Swedish manufacturer, Borstiq. You can clearly see thousands of bristle densely packed into just one brush. These bristles are generally made from natural hair or fibres, and attached onto a natural hard wood top, such as beech or cherry. 

The quantity, quality and length of the bristles will give better results at removing grease or dirt and ultimately leaving that glossy finish we all strive to find. Sometimes its better to compromise on quantity of brushes in the kit, rather than the quality. 

Borstiq brushes are a top quality range of natural fibre, eco-friendly brushes from Sweden. Getting back to the more traditional brush but with ergonomic designs, these high quality brushes are easy to hold and use too, SHOP NOW.

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