Having a Hairy Moment? Which Brush Is Best

Having a Hairy Moment? Which Brush Is Best

It’s that time of year! Spring is around the corner, coats are changing and if you are dealing with an unclipped horse or pony, there will be plenty of hair to groom away.

The change in temperature and daylight flicks the switch, and the hairy muddy monster, is beginning to realise that a sleek, shiny coat will be on its way through.


For the owner, this means a lot more grooming to encourage removal of the dead hair as quickly as possible.  Shedding is a natural seasonal process, and unless the horse has been clipped during the winter, there is no other way other than elbow grease to encourage the new coat to come through and the old coat to be removed.

There are many types of grooming brushes, curry combs and shedding blades to help get that coat out as quickly as possible.  We love this time of year, as its out with the old coat and in with the new and we have some effective products to hand to help!

Grooming and exercise go hand in hand, and horses that are in regular work will shed their coats more quickly, as will horses that are rugged up and kept warm to encourage the new coat to come through.

To get the hair away as quickly as possible these are our “go to” products

·      Use the Borstiq massage brush in circular motions, to get the circulation going under the skin.  This will also get the dead hair and grease moving.

      Use the Ezee Groom – the large one is good on horses or for large areas.  This is best to use with both hands and pull down through the coat, always going with the lie of the hair. 

·      The Smart Coats thinning rake is an alternative choice and comes in two grades, fine and coarse and is particularly good on animals with Cushing’s or static coats as it will cut and thin as well as rake out the dead hair.

Spring 2019 1.jpg

·  Once all the hair in the daily grooming session has been removed, go over the coat with the Borstiq Dandy grooming brush to flick out any remaining loose hair and dander that has come to the surface.

·  Finish by brushing all over with a the Borstiq Banana Mex or Shaped Mex brush.

·  Finally finish off with a soft mitt and Coat Sheen to give an all over spray condition to encourage the colour and shine to come through.

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