The Classic Plaiting & Braiding Apron
The Classic Plaiting & Braiding Apron

The Classic Plaiting & Braiding Apron

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Smart Grooming’s Classic Plaiting & Braiding Apron is a neat, well made plaiting essential that will keep all your plaiting necessities in a handy place.

The plaiting apron is made from hard wearing black cotton drill, with all pockets lined. A deep zipped pocket at the back gives plenty of room for larger items, ideal for packs of rubber bands, small sprays, and extra plaiting kit bits. Its even big enough to pop the horse’s passport in for safe-keeping.

The two smaller pockets on the front have inner loops in the inside for keeping scissors upright or for storing needles, quick unpick and other items, and a small removable sponge on the inside of the other pocket to poke needles into for safe keeping.

The middle pocket is perfect for tubes of Plaiting Gel and Plaiting Wax as well as space for plaiting thread and anything else you might need to keep handy.

This Plaiting apron is an absolute gem, designed to keep everything you need in one place for plaiting. It is well finished, with a hard wearing brass zip, leather loops, and a brass D ring on the side to attach Smart Grooming Handy Towel and Smart Grooming's new Handy Rosette Pincushion Keyring.

This is not designed to hold large grooming brushes and trigger sprays, although a trigger spray can easily be hooked onto the side of the belt if needed.

A perfect present or an essential for the plaiting and braiding enthusiast.


26cm wide x 20cm deep x 8cm gusset

The belt measures from 80cm at its shortest to 120cm at its longest.