Getting the Shine - Grooming

Getting the Shine - Grooming

Grooming is about getting the horse clean, massaging the skin and bringing a bloom to the coat. From a practical point of view, grooming removes dirt and debris from the skin, another benefit is that it allows you to spot any little lumps, bumps or scratches or to feel any areas of heat that may indicate a problem arising. It also allows you a chance to notice any changes in his personality whilst having some one on one bonding time. 

Here’s my step-by step grooming guide;

  1. Using my Massage brush, I start by massaging the coat in circular motions to lift any grease and dirt. This also helps muscles by increasing the circulation of blood flow.


  2. I then use a Dandy Brush to flick away the dirt and dust brought to the surface.


  3. The next stage is to use a Body Brush to lift grease from the skin and spread the natural oils along the hair shaft. This is the process that gave rise to the phrase ‘use plenty of elbow grease’.

  4. Clean your brushes frequently on a Metal Curry Comb throughout the process. This way you wont spreading grease or dirt over the coat.


  5. We comb the mane every day and if necessary we wet the mane to lay it on the correct side. We then use a quick spritz of Tame The Mane, to ensure healthier mane growth.


  6. For the tail, I like to spray on Tame The Mane to detangle any knots and prevent them from forming. Then I comb the tail in sections starting from the bottom, this will stop the tail from breaking. You will need to take precautions with long flowing manes and tails, as they will be more prone to knots or breakages.


  7. Hoof care is so important. We use a Stubby Hoof pick to pick out horses feet both before and after being exercised, brushing away any debris from the surface. I also like to use Natural Hoof Shine daily, as it helps retain moisture in the feet in summer and has added Tea Tree oil to fight off any bad bacteria (especially in a wet muddy winter).


  8. Lastly I will use a soft fleece mitt to buff in some Coat Sheen. This will enhance the natural colour and shine of the coat without leaving any oily residue, giving the coat a soft, healthy and shiny finish.

Advice -

Horses should be brushed off before riding and any areas where the tack will touch must always be clean to avoid the risks of rubs but ideally you should groom again after riding, because the horse’s muscles will be warm and the pores of his skin will be open, making it easier to remove dirt.

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