All About Shedding

Horse Hair Shedding

What is the best way of grooming a horse during the shedding season?
Grooming can be quite challenging during the horse shedding season.  With a lot more mobile hair to deal with, daily grooming can take longer.  However, there are specific grooming tools and brushes that will make the shedding process quicker and...
What triggers the change in winter to summer coats?
As Spring arrives and the days start to lengthen, the naturally thick winter coat starts to shed in readiness for the new finer summer coat. There are three stages of the hair/coat growing phase that follows a regular bi-yearly pattern of shedding guided by the change in season and daylight hours.
Shedding Time
It’s coming into the hairy season, which means letting coats grow thick and long, giving natural winter protection, or clipping and grooming the coat out to leave less hair.
Tools to help with Spring shedding
Having a hairy moment? It’s that time of year – there is hair everywhere, but luckily we can do something about it!