How to keep your white horse clean

How to Keep Your White Horse Clean

How does Purple Horse Shampoo whiten and enhance stained manes and tails?
Purple horse shampoo is a revelation for owners of white and light-coloured horses.  The purple pigment used is not just for colouring purposes but is an active ingredient to lift and whiten white hair. Purple horse shampoo relies on a...
Whitening Wizardry
A magic whitening wand should be in the grooming kit of all white horse owners!  You can’t beat seeing a well turned out grey, but a grimy, stained one is not so attractive!
Recipe for a White Tail
This is a very common problem, and the answer really depends how stained as to how instantly the original colour can be retrieved.
Polar White Stain Remover
Smart Grooming's Polar White not only cleans mud off but also other stains and muck less easy to remove.
Quick easy steps on how to use Smart Grooming's Leg and Body Whitening Powder
Smart Grooming’s Leg and Body whitener comes in a 1kg tub.  There are several ways that this whitening powder can be used, but we have always found the following way the quickest and simplest for absolutely stunningly white legs and body areas.