Natural Equine Skincare

Natural Equine Skincare

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    Natural equine skincare products made with beeswax and essential oils for enhancing and healing.

    Skincare for horses

    Horses can have sensitive skin just like humans, and can often have similar problems like itchy skin or dry lips - so we have developed a range of products specifically to target and remedy these issues. 

    Our Lip and Bit Balm is amazing for horses who suffer with cracks and flaky skin around where their bit sits, moisturising the area gently. It can even be applied to the bit to help encourage acceptance and softness as it has a peppermint flavour.

    For horses with itchy skin, we recommend our Itch Soothe Balm is ideal for applying to itchy and sore areas. Made using natural ingredients including essential oils; shea butter, calendula and beeswax, it provides a soothing barrier and has proved successful on long standing skin irritations, like sweet itch problems, as well as encouraging healing and hair regrowth.

    A photo of the head of a well groomed horse that is plaited and wearing a show bridle