How to Clean your horse using the Hot Cloth Technique

How to Clean your horse using the Hot Cloth Technique

Hot clothing is a grooming technique used to reduce grease levels in a coat or to bring back shine and condition after grooming. It is a simple yet effective method that requires only a small amount of hot water, making it suitable for year-round use.

How to Hot Cloth Greasy Coats

If the coat is greasy or needs cleaning before clipping, mix approximately 10ml of Hot Cloth Wash with 500ml of very warm water.

Apply the mixture to the coat using a well-wrung flannel or suede cloth, wiping all over the body or focusing on areas that need cleansing.

The Hot Cloth Wash contains gentle yet effective ingredients that help remove dirt and grease without stripping the coat of its natural oils. This method is ideal for maintaining a clean and healthy coat without the need for frequent baths, which can dry out the skin and coat.

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