What products do I need for bathing my horse?

What products do I need for bathing my horse?

For a regular bathing routine, we suggest:

  • A good quality horse shampoo
  • Sponge or wash mitt
  • Bucket
  • Sweat scraper
  • Dry off towel
  • Conditioning body spray
  • Detangling spray for manes and tails

It’s best to keep all the washing items in a wash box or bucket ready for use.

Using a good quality shampoo that has been formulated for horses, is ideal, as it will ensure that it cleans effectively but without drawing out too much of the horses’ natural oils.  All our shampoos they are pH balanced and formulated to maintain and enhance the well-being of the horses’ coat and skin.

For sensitive skins, it’s always best to patch test first when applying a new product. Lavender shampoo is a soothing and relaxing shampoo and ideal for horses that have had previous skin problems or have sensitive skin.

Use a good quality sponge or micro fibre wash mitt for applying water to the coat. Once the coat is completely wet, apply shampoo either directly onto the coat or disperse onto a super groomer. This is a more effective way of thoroughly washing the coat, as the shampoo is massaged in and not wasted.  Alternatively, the shampoo can be diluted into a bucket of water before being applied with a sponge.

After thoroughly rinsing off, use a sweat scraper to gently remove any excess water from the body area, before giving a final rub over with a towelThis is a particularly comforting way to finish off a bath routine, and ensures the head, ears and legs are given a thorough dry off. 

Once the horse is dried off, apply a good quality, non-oil based spray-on Coat Conditioner.  Coat Sheen when applied, will highlight and enhance the natural colour and shine without leaving any residue.  For best results, spray onto a soft mitt and buff into the coat.  This is the most economical and effective way to give the final shine.

After washing manes and tails, it’s a good idea to apply a detangle and conditioning spray.  This will ensure that the manes and tails, retain condition as well as keeping the hair tangle free.  Once sprayed in, use a mane and tail brush to carefully brush through. 

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