Best Grooming Kits for Horses

Best Grooming Kits for Horses

Grooming horses should be carried out as a daily routine.  Putting time aside to groom and check your horse all over is essential, not only to keep the coat in good condition, but for checking for any injuries, rubs, sores and lumps and bumps that are easily sustainable.

Regular contact for the horse is essential, and no better way, than grooming and making a fuss of them.  It is also a time for the horse and handler to get to know one another and helps with building a bond.

What products should I buy to go in my grooming kit?

There are many grooming products to choose from and varieties within each category, but start with a basic kit that contains grooming equipment that will clean as well as shine.

The Everyday Grooming Kit

Starting from the head and working down we suggest the following:

  • Sponge for wiping eyes.
  • Super Groomer for heads and sensitive areas. This is particularly good for cleaning off dried mud and for using to massage in shampoo when bathing.
  • Dandy brush – this is a coarse brush and best used on muddy areas, it is generally made from the natural bassine fibre.
  • Medium to soft brush such as the Borstiq Mex Fibre. This is a natural bristled brush made from plant fibre and is excellent for brushing over the head and neck area.
  • Rubber curry comb to massage the coat to encourage the removal of old hair, dander, and mud.
  • Body Brush This is made from densely packed short bristles and traditionally made from natural horsehair. For best results use in conjunction with a metal curry comb.  A metal curry comb is not used on the horse but as an aid to clean the brush as its being used.  On alternative strokes the brush is swiped across the curry comb to clean the bristles.
  • Mane and Tail Brush To keep a mane and tail tangle free, regular brushing with a good quality mane and tail brush is essential.
  • Grooming Mitt Grooming mitts come in various shapes and sizes, and the soft faux wool ones are the best for giving a final polish on a short summer coat.
  • Hoofpick One of the most important grooming kit items. This is essential for picking out feet and ensuring there are no stones and injuries to the hoof.
  • Coat Sheen Spray. This is especially formulated to enhance the shine on the coat hair.  Apply to a mitt and polish in well. Use as the final part of the grooming routine.
  • Detangle Spray. Use on manes and tails that need help with keeping tangle free.  Use on a clean mane and tail after mud and debris has been removed.  This will keep the hair in great conditions as well as making the brushing out so much easier.
  • Towel. Always handy for wiping off dirty hands and for drying off wet legs and heels.
  • Basket, Box or Bag – to keep all the items in one place, we suggest a grooming basket, hard cased box, tote bag or purposed made grooming/competition bag. This will ensure all items are kept clean and tidy and ready for use.


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