Grooming Kit Essentials

As we enter a new year, most horse owners will feel the need to refresh the grooming kit. Its time to throw out those empty bottles, pop the towels in the wash and give the grooming brushes a spring clean!

Every horse owner's grooming kit will be different depending on the horse and the occasion, so to help you switch out the old and treat yourself to the new; here are some products you should definitely have in your basket this season!


For the Hairy Horse Owner:

 For those who own natives or traditions, you’ll most likely be familiar with the struggle of maintaining all that hair!

  • Xtreme DetanglerHelps to quickly loosen knots, matts and tangles while preventing breakages in the mane, tail or feathers.
  • Borstiq Hairy Horse Set A set of sturdy bristled brushes to effectively remove dirt, grease and mud.
  • Ezee Groomeffectively removes shedding hair, dirt and dander from the coat.

For the Grey Horse Owner:

We all know the difficulty of keeping our white horses…. White! One minute they a sparkling white unicorns, the next they resemble a wild hippo wallowing in the mud!

For the Bay/Black/Dark Horse Owners:

When a dark coloured horse is clean, they glisten but unfortunately grease and dust gather on the surface a lot quicker than others.

  • Coat Sheenenhances the natural shine within the coat while also repelling any dirt from the coat
  • Fleece Grooming Mitt- buffs away any surface dander quickly and effectively
  • Borstiq Arenga Brushthe dense bristles work deep into the coat to remove dirt and other debris


For the Show Horse Owner:

Whether you’re attending your first show or competing at the national level, you want to shine in the show ring and polished look.

  • Super Shine This multi-purpose lotion can be used as a highlighter, a mix for makeup, a mane/tail shine, or as a final finish on the coat. It doesn’t attract dust or dirt – so shine is guaranteed all day.
  • Hoof Shine Shiny toes are a must when turning out for competing! Not only does it add shine, it will keep the hoof moisturised and healthy.
  • Competition Bag – The ultimate place to keep all of your show prep products clean, organised and in one place ready to grab before entering the ring!

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