What are the best products to include in a Competition & Show Grooming Kit?

What are the best products to include in a Competition & Show Grooming Kit?

The contents of a horse grooming kit required for taking to a show may include a few extra brushes and lotions when compared to an everyday grooming kit and will also depend upon the discipline and turnout requirements. 

Show/competition grooming will require more products dedicated to enhancing and giving extra shine as well as products for plaiting and quarter marking.

Extras to consider for the Competition Grooming Kit should include:

  • Plaiting and braiding essentials (needles, thread, unpicker, thread or bands)
  • Plaiting Gel, Plaiting Wax and Plaiting sprayThese products help with creating firm, defined plaits, and ensuring they hold in place all day.
  • Plaiting/Braiding Apron – this is a neat apron that is worn around the waist and keeps all the plaiting products in one place and ready to use.
  • Quarter Marking brush for making sharks teeth marks on the flanks. A very short bristled and firm brush is needed to get the crisp, sharp lines.
  • Quarter Marking spray and Quarter Marking gel formulated to enhance and hold in the quarter marks. The gel can be used in conjunction with water on the coat prior to making the brush marks.  This will give a sharp finish.
  • Soft finishing brush – essential for the final brush off before applying a coat sheen spray to the coat.
  • Enhancing Glossthis is a smooth beeswax-based formula that can be used safely around the eyes and muzzle. This will highlight and enhance the natural facial features.
  • Coat Sheen and Mitt Two products to use side by side, a soft faux sheepskin mitt is perfect for a final wipe over and giving shine to the coat after applying Coat Sheen.
  • Gloss N Goa concentrated, high shine spray to use as a final top coat after applying Coat Sheen. For best results buff in well with a soft mitt.
  • Stain remover spray – very handy to have to hand for last minute wipe overs on white or light-coloured horses.
  • Hoof Balm or oilEssential for applying to both underside and topside of the hoof for both condition and shine.
  • Towel an often overlooked essential. Handy for wiping hands, as well as for last minute clean up around the eyes, nose, and mouth before going into the ring.
  • Wash off solution a capful of Lavender or Peppermint Splosh Wash dissolved into a bucket of water is a refreshing and soothing wash off after competing. This will also remove girth and saddle marks.
  • Bucket and flask of water – Helpful to have for washing off after competing.
  • Competition Bag. Its handy to have a dedicated grooming bag to pack all the show/competition grooming kit.  This can then remain as a separate kit for competition days and can be topped up as necessary.

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