Super Groomer Mit

Why you need a Super Groomer

The Super Groomer is one of the most simple and effective grooming products on the market and is a must have in every grooming kit.  Made from recycled polypropylene pressed into a compact oval shape with a webbing strap, it is easy to use for removing dried mud, stable and sweat stains. 

With a soft rubberised backing it is perfect to use for applying shampoo and massaging into the coat before rinsing off.  This enables the skin to be cleansed thoroughly as well as giving the skin a good massage

It can be difficult to remove heavily caked mud from around eyes, ears, head and sensitive areas.  The Super Groomer comes into its own for this, as it will mould to all the contours, but remain soft on the skin, with no pulling of hair.  It can be used where conventional bristled brushes are not always tolerated.

With two grades of Super Groomer – Soft and Coarse, the softer version is perfect for fine coats, and for washing.  The coarse grade is great for removing more stubborn stains, and caked mud.  With a coarser polypropylene weave, it’s perfect for more challenging conditions.

It can also be used as a clothes brush giving great results when used for removing pet hair from furniture, car seats and clothing.

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