How does Purple Horse Shampoo whiten and enhance stained manes and tails?

How does Purple Horse Shampoo whiten and enhance stained manes and tails?

Purple horse shampoo is a revelation for owners of white and light-coloured horses.  The purple pigment used is not just for colouring purposes but is an active ingredient to lift and whiten white hair.

Purple horse shampoo relies on a genius concept called colour theory. Imagine if you joined the two ends of the rainbow together to form a wheel. The colours that sit opposite each other can effectively cancel each other out and neutralise them.

This explains why Deep Purple Shampoo will neutralise the yellow and discoloured areas on greys and light-coloured horses and ponies, as well as enhancing the natural hair colour.

White hair is also more porous than the darker colours, which is an added headache for white horse owners as the hair soaks up more chemicals from the air, including UV rays from daylight as well as the usual stains from stable and grass turnout.  Using Deep Purple shampoo on a regular basis will help to condition as well as whiten and brighten.

With all shampoos it’s worth checking the pH levels particularly if the horse has sensitivity. Too high and it will strip the hair of its natural oils.  The pH scale ranges from 0-14 with 7 being “neutral”.  The higher the pH level the harsher the shampoo on the hair.


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