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Shedding Time

Animal Shedding Season

It’s coming into the hairy season, which means letting coats grow thick and long, giving natural winter protection, or clipping and grooming the coat out to leave less hair. Either way, in Spring and Autumn when nature gives the indication to either lose or grow the coat, there is a lot of shedding involved. 

Even a summer coat will start to shed before bringing in new winter growth. Often there is a lot of loose hair and grease that needs extra help to maintain the skin and coat in good condition.

Shedding blades, are often the most useful type of product for effective removal of the fluff and excess grease and dander.  The Ezee Groom is a simple

shedding tool which is safe and effective, as well as being satisfying to use.  Even the most sensitive enjoy a good groom and its great to use on all types of hair and animals for immediate results.



Smart Grooming’s Smart Coats works in a slightly different way, this will rake through particularly challenging coats, as it has a wide head with curved blades which will rake through and cut static hair as well as removing anything that is loose and shedding. We find that these are particularly good on horses, ponies and donkeys that don’t shed so naturally, particularly if they suffer from Cushings disease.


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