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Tools to help with Spring shedding

Having a hairy moment? It’s that time of year – there is hair everywhere, but luckily we can do something about it!

You might wonder why some animals shed their coats at this time of year. There are a number of factors which cause animals to shed their hair, and these are: daylight hours increasing, temperature changes and hormonal changes.  Longer light days in the Springtime encourages better hair growth than the shorter, darker Winter days, so that is why we find ourselves and our houses covered in hair at this time of year!

We have a range of products which are fantastic for helping your animals to shed their hair, and we are featuring two in this blog post which should help. We recommend grooming regularly to help your animals with the shedding process, this is really important and will help to encourage new hair growth.

Our top two choices for your spring grooming kit are: 

Smart Coats

The Smart Coats Thinner from Smart Grooming is an extremely high-quality and long-lasting shedding tool. It is made in Germany using Scandinavian steel blades which are replaceable and interchangeable. Each tooth of the rake has a blade on the inside which help to thin out the coat. As the blades are on the inside of the rake, they cannot harm the animal.

The Smart Coats is brilliant for removing thick winter undercoat and has been tried and tested on ponies with Cushing’s Disease, and also Donkeys and Shetland ponies who tend to be heavily coated all year round.  If the Smart Coats thinner is used continuously during the non-shedding season it will thin the coat by cutting as the rake is groomed through the coat.

Using it regularly during the Spring time will allow removal of the winter coat to be done very quickly as the head is so wide. The finish will not be the same as a clipped coat but it will leave it tidy.

This high-quality grooming tool is ideal for thick and matted coats on all types of animals including dogs, horses, donkeys, camels, goats and more! Smart Coat thinning tools are available in two sizes - coarse or fine, and they take replacement blades which are interchangeable as the blades do eventually go blunt after using regularly.

Ezee Groom

 The Ezee Groom is an indispensable shedding tool designed for removing loose hair and dirt from your animal without causing any discomfort. The Ezee Groom comes in two sizes, the smaller one is ideal for small domestic animals, as it is particularly good on short coats which tend to shed all year round.  The larger size is easy to use with both hands on larger areas and is ideal for horses and ponies and other similar sized animals, as well as being effective on clipped coats to remove the grease build up over winter months.

Its’ simple design produces outstanding results, rejuvenating even the thickest of coats and thinning out dead and loose hair quickly and effectively. The serrated blade is made of hardened steel to withstand the test of time and resist wear and tear.  It is gentle to use and doesn't pull the hair or cause any discomfort. Suitable for even the most sensitive of animals.

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