What products do I need to help with plaiting my horse’s mane?

What products do I need to help with plaiting my horse’s mane?

There are a few products in the plaiting and braiding range that will be useful to make plaiting and braiding enjoyable and rewarding.

There are also several ways to plait or braid your horse.  The most usual methods to keep plaits in place are by using thick rubber bands, stretchy silicone bands or with needle and wax coated thread.

Whether you choose to plait or braid your mane using, bands or thread, you will still need to have a few dedicated plaiting products to hand to make the process as easy as possible.

For a beginner just starting to learn how to plait or braid a mane, it’s easier to use bands, either the stretchy silicone ones, or the extra thick rubber bands.  Both are good to use.  It is quicker to plait with bands rather than thread, and easier to learn about the spacing of plaits, as well as getting the right tension, and the way to roll and secure to give a neat, round shaped plait.

Plaiting Kit essentials

  1. For plaiting or braiding with bands you will need the following plaiting products:
  1. For plaiting with thread or yarn you will need the following plaiting products:
  • Our preference is for waxed cotton plaiting thread, as it gives more grip and tension, although there are other types of cotton thread and yarn that are suitable. Choose the correct colour of thread to match the mane that is being plaited.
  • Pack of Needles – we suggest the blunt ended needles with large eyes for easy threading.
  • Quick un Pick – this is easier to use than scissors to cut and remove the thread from the plait without inadvertently cutting any other mane hair.
  • Small, sharp pair of scissors – for cutting the thread into lengths prior to plaiting or as you are plaiting.
  • Forelock Grippers – These are useful for using on the forelock plait. They pull the plait through from the top.  No sewing required.
  • Plaiting Wax - for laying the mane over and preventing wispy hair from sticking up.
  • Plaiting Gel - for working through the hair prior to plaiting down. This will give it some hold and help keep in all the hair on the downwards plait.
  • Plaiting Spray - for giving a final spray over once the mane has been plaited. This will hold the plaits in securely.
  • Plaiting Apron – for keeping all the plaiting essentials in one place and for easy reach.

There are many choices of plaiting and braiding products, which can be bought as Plaiting kits in various formats to suit all requirements as well as singularly to top up existing supplies.

There are many small items within a plaiting kit, so it’s important to keep them stored carefully. We recommend keeping all the plaiting essentials in either a dedicated Plaiting Apron, Accessories Pouch, or a lidded tin or box. 

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