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Colour and Enhancing - Makeup for Horses

Using Horse Makeup in the Show Ring to Enhance Features

The use of cosmetics products such as coat sheen, muzzle gloss and even colour sprays have become standard in the show ring - though before using them, you need to be certain that you are not breaking any rules. Where they are permitted, they should be used in discretion and moderation. For instance; don’t smother a show pony’s face with a product so that he looks as if he’s dipped his muzzle in a bucket of oil!

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Horse Makeup

Mixing makeup is a great way of creating the perfect shade for covering scars or blemishes. If you have an Iron grey, try mixing black and white to create the correct shade. Even using chestnut and black to deepen the colour of a liver chestnuts legs.

Colour products should be used to enhance or minimise, as it’s against all societies rules to try and change an animal’s markings. For example, applying black to deepen the colour on black legs, or using white to brighten white socks. I sometimes will apply black onto a black or bay cob’s chestnuts if they are particularly large, as I think they detract from the appearance of a good foreleg.

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Advice -

Practice makes perfect, it's always wise to make sure you are confident in the application of makeup to your horse well in advance of your first competitive outing. You may find that you have to blend colours to achieve the exact shade you need and just as with people, the golden rule for applying makeup to your horse is; "less is more".

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