Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

We’ve got your Christmas all wrapped up here at Smart Grooming.  With gift wrapping as an option on many of our products, we can truly make your equestrian gifting extra special.

Whether you are searching for a Christmas gift for your own horse or pony or for a lucky friend, now is the time to get shopping!

Horsey gifting really couldn’t get any easier, we’ve curated a Christmas Equestrian Gift Guide to give joy to all equestrians. From the small and handy stocking fillers to the complete horsey grooming hamper, we have it ready and packed.

For inspiration for swift present choices check out our top 10 Christmas Stocking fillers and gifts, curated to bring value for money, quality, and usefulness.  Select the gift wrap option, and your order will arrive ready to pop under the tree, including blank gift card to write your own message on!

Here’s our top 5 Stocking Filler choices that will fill their Christmas with joy!

Smart Grooming Lip and Bit Balm – so good that it can be used by both horse and owner. A beeswax and shea butter-based balm infused with essential oils of Peppermint. The handy 20g is pocket sized, but for everyday use the larger 120g is great choice too!

Smart Grooming Super Groomer – one of our most popular and versatile grooming products.  If you could only have one grooming product, this would be the choice, and at such a good price too!  Made from re-cycled polypropylene, our flexible grooming friend will always be appreciated.  Available in bright pink, Royal Blue and Dark Green.

Faux Lambswool Grooming Mitt – this luxurious grooming mitt, is made from the softest faux lambswool.  Best used to buff in after spritzing Coat Sheen over the coat for a super high shine finish. Simple product but always a winner.

Smart Plaiting Waxa neat pop-up wax stick designed to make plaiting and braiding manes and tails, just so much easier!  Perfect to help lay flat fly away manes and keep wispy bits at bay. Formulated with Beeswax and Vitamin E, it conditions and nourishes.  One of our year-round top sellers. 

Borstiq Stubby Hoof Pick & Brush – A hoof pick and brush that is just so unique, and super cute too! The Borstiq Stubby Hoof Pick and brush is ergonomically designed for ease of use with a leather cord to ensure you always have it hanging somewhere handy. This dear little hoof pick and brush is a firm favourite, and an essential for the grooming kit.

Here's our top 5 unique and thoughtful Christmas Gifts that will make both horse and owner very happy!

The Ultimate Horsey Grooming Collection – A fabulous collection of useful brushes and lotions, that will pamper and preen, as well as give fabulous results.  An outstanding choice for the special person or horse in your life!  Select the gift-wrapped option and it will be ready to go under the tree. 

Plaiting/Braiding Apron SetA smart, practical plaiting and braiding Apron Set that includes and keeps all the plaiting and braiding accessories in a handy place. There is a place for everything! Thoughtfully designed with many little lined pockets and a deep back pocket for larger items.

Trimming Wallet Set – A gift for the discerning! Comprises a selection of key trimming and tidying products that any serious equestrian or groom would absolutely love! The luxury zipped wallet is made from vegan leather with a vegan suede inner. Comes gift wrapped with a branded gift box.  A unique, super stylish equestrian grooming present.

Total Shine SetA special bundle of Smart Grooming products that will give a flawless shine to mane, tail, coat and hooves.  This collection is a fabulous choice for someone who is obsessed with turnout and a super shiny finish.  Gift wrapped option available, ready for under the Christmas tree!

Borstiq Everyday Grooming Kit - The Borstiq Everyday Equestrian Grooming Kit comprises the best selection of brushes for everyday use. Chosen for effective daily grooming and massage as well as being hard wearing for continual use.  This is a “can’t go wrong” purchase and will appeal to all owners and horses.

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